June 21, 2011
HEY UGO, quit being assholes!

So I saw that Talia al Ghul and Jason Todd sex scene made UGO’s Top 50 list of ‘dirtiest sex scenes.

And I was like, oh cool, I’m gonna go check this out. Nice to see there’s some transphobia (calling a character an ‘it’) and slut shaming. 

Apparently, Huntress’s sleeping around is not very heroic. According to the assholes at UGO.

The Huntress is one of those comic book hotties who gets a bad rap for sleeping around (even though if a dude did it we’d be giving them high fives all day), but this particular bang was a serious lapse in judgement. In one issue of Birds of Prey, she fessed up to her teammates that she’d had flings with a couple of their dudes back in the day and swore she was over serial dating, only to give up the booty to a car rental agent named Josh in exchange for some information later that very same issue. Thankfully, this was the beginning of her getting her sheezy together and stopping with the sex-for-stuff mentality, which ain’t very heroic.

But don’t worry, I’m sure they still think Bruce Wayne is heroic for sleeping around. 


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    Talia’s featured twice :/
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    These guys suck. >:l I don’t know how else to put it.
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