May 9, 2011

So when Nora said B&R #23 was delayed, I stumbled on The Batman Universe site, which I don’t usually like to go to because it’s all the typical fanboy elitism/garbage. But umm, this brief, I really couldn’t stop laughing because the writer is actually being serious:

There is, however, a delay to ‘Batman and Robin’ #23 which has been pushed back a week from the 11th May to the 18th, at first I was surprised considering the amount of hype Judd Winick is spewing out over his arc and his feverish updates on how he is having to cut the story down to make sure it fits the structure of a normal comic.

(Emphasis mine) I would probably say the hype is actually in part due to fans wanting to know more. But, um, the language choice, hyperbole, much???

  1. dandizette said: LMAO
  2. sweet-tart answered: oh shit it’s coming out on my birthday.
  3. synthezoid answered: LMFAO FEVERISH UPDATES
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