November 11, 2010
Dick Grayson/Babs Gordon Shippers - Why?


I’m writing a post that looks at the relationship of Barbara and Dick. And I have some thoughts. But I don’t think they are going to be too popular. So tell me why you ship them. What makes them a good, hot couple?

I don’t think I’m going to have enough room to answer in the quote box. 

SO here we go. 

I don’t think they have a love/hate thing going on at all. I do think they have sexual chemistry and compatibility. And yes, they bicker and disagree on things from time to time. But that’s not unlike real couples! 

Now, I’m ignoring the Nightwing Annual #2 and I’m focusing on appearances of them in Nightwing, Batman: False Faces, Joker: Last Laugh, Batgirl (Cassandra and Stephanie’s runs), Batgirl: Year One, Birds of Prey and Gotham Knights. 

A friend of mine and I talked a lot about what makes for a good couple. And yes, there’s sex. But does that necessarily make for a lasting couple? I once interviewed a couple who had been together for 65 years. Yeah. 65 years, I’m not even kidding. And I asked them the question everyone wants to know: what made them last?

And they said, basically, communication, consideration and support.  And I think that Dick and Babs very much have that! They definitely support and communicate to one another, and in terms of consideration, they can be a bit shaky on that ground sometimes (ie. Dick initially telling Babs to get her “crap” out of the Batcave wasn’t very considerate of the fact that that she was trying to do for Stephanie what he was doing for Damian. He then apologized and admitted as such), but they do come around, not unlike real life couples. 

Real life couples who have been together for a long time aren’t always like omgmusthavesexrightthissecondlet’sbang! Yes, there’s sexual chemistry, but sometimes it’s just like Oh hey the Shining is on. ;D (haha true story) Or … we should watch some porn. *grin* Or … Let’s take a shower! 

Here’s some of that from these scans (some of which are, unfortunately from that Nightwing Annual I said I was going to ignore, but they are cute)

And here:

Here’s a fave bit:

Anyways, I love them because they’re more true to real life. And now I have to finish my homework :(

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    There is NO word strong enough to describe the relationship between the two. There’s only ONE that today’s world offers,...
  2. taterpie answered: That’s pretty much how I feel. I always felt like Babs was trying to CHANGE Dick into a ‘better man’. Mostly through the vehicle of guilt.
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    When I like Barbara/Dick - when I like Oracle/Nightwing - it’s when they’re allowed to be themselves, and I’d say that’s...
  4. helian-thus answered: LOL I wish Dick/Babs was always like you described it! and yeah, I agree their strongest point is that they confront each other a lot
  5. aleksandersamuel answered: They are both the best at what they do. Babs is the only woman who can truly stand up to Dick, because she is his only true equal.
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    Yep, I ship them. They’re a sexy, fascinating couple. Though I feel their relationship is just as unhealthy as it is...
  8. taste-with-your-fingers answered: More than Starfire, Oracle can match wits with Dick. She’s his intellectual equal, if not his better.
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    Why do I ship Dick/Babs? Oh dear, I could write pages on that. With illustrations. The first part, I guess, is purely...
  10. lucasisageek answered: For me it’s the first loves making it through thing. They also compliment each other so well, & make each other better people AND heroes.
  11. dratij answered: They are good foils for each other in that they are both strong personalities that try to bring out the best each another. They can call crap
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    I have a feeling I’ll be interested in reading this post when you write it. Because I used to ship them and always felt...
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  15. captainchinhands answered: Because they understand and accept each other; they know exactly what they’ve been through. Also,they are wonderfully looking and awesome.
  16. fyeahdickgrayson answered: Most importantly, they’re best friends first. It’s the foundation of their relationship (and sexual attraction, history, similar goals, etc)
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    I don’t think I’m going to have enough room to answer in the quote box. SO here we go. I don’t think they have a...
  18. garethgraves answered: I like them together, they’re great. But I LOVE the Kory/Dick stuff. being with her REALLY shows how much like Bruce he’s not.
  19. thesilvershiver answered: They have a past together, and a common ally in Bruce Wayne. I think ultimately, they belong together because of everything that they share
  20. naomy answered: What makes them good is there overall friendship and care they have for each other. They’re very different but so alike at the same time
  21. scarletsunshine answered: They have so much history together. They know and understand each other so well, they have so much potential.
  22. valerie-renee answered: I’m 50/50 on them—when I see panels like what fyeahb.g. is posting now, they seem so natural. But her angst over him is repulsive & childish
  23. tomasocelot answered: THEY HAVE THE LOVE HATE THING GOING ON
  24. jamesgf said: I don’t think they are good couple. I was horrified that Mark Andreyko, of all writers, wrote that Nightwing annual - It not only made Dick into an asshole, but also relegated Kory to a meaningless fling. IMHO, Barbara and Dick feel way too forced.
  25. chrisdwoo answered: Because they’re the best people they can be when they’re around each other. Or at least they were in the old Nightwing run.